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University of St. Thomas Continues Major WAC Effort


In June, 2017, I returned to the University of St. Thomas to run a 17th weeklong faculty workshop. Under the leadership of Erika Scheurer, Director of Wrinig Across the Curriculum, I met with another group of about 20 faculty from a variety of disciplines to work on the role of writing in their undergraduate courses. As with the previous groups, the faculty were terrific, and we all had a fun but really productive time working on assignment goals and design, creating unique and engaging writing-to-learn assignments and activities, thinking about ways to maximize learning through support for larger projects, and tackling difficult issues of evaluation and assessment. Participants will be teaching their revised courses this academic year. I'll visit again in January and June, 2016, to work with yet more groups, getting closer to the goal of a curriculum "saturated" with writing. Thanks to everyone at St. Thomas for arranging such an enjoyable week back in the Twin Cities.

A nice write-up of the initiative can be found here.


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