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ENG 583 Writing Program Administration: Theory, Practice, and Research
Spring 2016

Almost everyone who earns a post-graduate degree in rhetoric and composition and pursues a career in higher education will at some point be involved in the administration of a writing program, writing center, or writing-across-the-curriculum effort, and many will become its director. Yet graduate curricula seldom focus on the complex theoretical, pedagogical, political, and managerial dimensions of such work, leaving the new WPA at the mercy of inherited practice—and much trial and error.

This special-topics seminar is designed to focus on current theories, research, and practices of writing program administration, including curricular design and assessment, faculty development, assessment of student achievement, budget oversight, the politics of administration in higher education, and historical studies of writing program administration. The seminar is designed for all interested MA and PhD students, but will be particularly valuable for those considering administrative work in first-year writing programs, writing centers, or WAC/CAC programs at a range of institutions (community colleges, small liberal arts colleges, and large research universities).

Mondays and Wednesdays, 1:30-2:45 p.m.